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 Integrity Estate Sales is looking for a couple of general labor workers.

- Dependable transportation
- Hard worker
- Cell phone is not more important than the job
- Doesn't mind getting dirty or sweaty from hard work
- Professional appearance at work, not just at the interview
-  Number of hours anywhere from 15-35 per week, it's as many as you want  to work, the winter time can be slower so hours are given by seniority
- No experience necessary, I do not mind training someone, although estate sale experience would be very helpful
- Must be able to follow directions
- Self thinkers are great!

If  you are energetic, friendly, good with people, hard working, have your  own transportation, able to handle a physical job, not afraid of getting  dirty, available for work Monday thru Saturday, positive attitude, able  to follow directions and be a team player we are looking for you.


Duties may include but is not limited to:

-  Garage setups

-  Register operation

-  Setting up of sales

-  Cleaning items 

-  Helping customers at the sales

-  Cleaning out houses after sales

-  Moving furniture  

I  understand not everyone is able to lift furniture etc.  This is just a  general list of duties. This is a good job for someone retired who wants  to work a few days a week.  It is also good for a mom wanting to get  out of the house while the children are in school.  We are flexible with  hours to a point, as there are sale days where we need help during  certain hours.   

I need people I can trust to work on their own  and not be constantly supervised. I need self thinkers and self  motivated people to help with the huge number of estate sales we do.   

I  do not discriminate when people apply to work for me. I don't care  about their age, health, nationality, race, or religion.  I care about  people who can be part of my team of professionals. I do have to ensure  people are physically capable of performing the duties of the job  without causing more injury to themselves.    

Things you need to know

-  I am a serious business owner

-  I am in the military and I do run my VERY successful business like a military unit

-  This job is not for everyone and that's ok

-  If you need more days off than days you can work, this job is not for you 

-  If you call in sick more than you show up for work, this job is not for you

-  If you think my requirements are too harsh, this job may not be for you 

-  This job is great for a retired person wanting to supplement their income  

To apply

-  Send email with what you are looking for in a job 

-  Hours you can work 

-  Names and numbers of references 

-  When can you start  

-  Desired hourly rate 

-  Any experience in customer service you may have along with whatever else you would like to tell me about yourself.   

I look forward to hearing from you!

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