Family Guided Estate Sales

What is a family guided estate sale?

This is a sale run by the family and guided by Integrity Estate Sales (IES).

Here's how it works:
-  Set up is done by the family or IES
-  IES will price the sale
-  Marketing of the sale will be done by IES on and
-  An ad can be placed in the newspaper by the family or IES can add it to their sale ad for that week for nominal price which is cheaper than placing the ad yourself
-  The family runs the sale with guidelines from IES
-  IES is available for questions during the sale should the family have any

When is a family guided sale a good option?
-  When the sale is small
-  When the sale is small and the family is still living in the house
-  IES cannot fit the sale into their schedule
-  Lead time is much less, sometimes as little as a week.  Which if you are in a jam with the house selling faster than you thought this may be the perfect option for you

Success of a family guided sale vs. a sale run by IES
-  It depends on whether the family follows the guidelines or not
-  If IES has a sale nearby, it brings in more customers

-  Setup and pricing is done at a rate per hour per person (rates vary based on location of sale, call for quote)
-  Ads (cost can vary depending on which newspaper is used)
-  Facebook boost (cost varies)
-  Rental of shelves and tables, if we have extras at the time needed for a small rental fee and delivery/pickup fee

-  Staff assistance at the sale, if we have an experienced staff member available to help at your sale we can provide this, cost varies and is dependent upon availability

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