As of 11:15am Wednesday, March 13th, someone has started street numbers.   

If you want a number for this sale I would suggest you head over there NOW.  We do not get involved in street numbers, this is a courtesy message only.

If you get to the house the morning of the sale and get a high number, DO NOT complain.  I do not want to hear that you think this is unfair.  You have the time NOW to go get a number.  

Why do we accept street numbers?  Because it is the best way to do it. You disagree?  Think about it. 

If I have to have one of my staff there at a certain time to hand out MY numbers, people are going to have to stand in line for hours to get a number.  Some people have knee issues or back issues and cannot stand for long periods of time.  Some people have young children and they cannot stand in line for hours with children.  Then there is the noise a large group of people generate.  What will the neighbors do?  They will call the police and the police will make everyone leave.  

The only time I hear any complaints about street numbers is when I have a large sale like this. The complaints come from people who either never go to sales or say they do all the time, yet I have never seen them in my 15 years in the business.  

If this upsets you, then either don't come to the sale or come in the afternoon when you can hopefully just walk in. If this is so upsetting to you that you do not even want to come to the sale, I respect that decision.  If you're SO upset you never want to come to my sales again, I also respect that.  

Now, that you've read this, head on over and get a number. 

To quote a wise young man in regards to get what you get and you don't throw a fit, (A.A, 2018) 

March 14-16



March 14-16

11164 Chicago Rd.

Between Hoover and VanDyke

North of Masonic

Thursday 8:00 am - 4:00pm

Friday and Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm


NOTE: We do not do presales. We do not give prices, condition, measurements etc, on the phone, text or email.  You must come to the sale to shop.  Please do not call and say "I know your website says you don't give prices etc but...."   You must come to the sale for any kind of info and to buy items. 


Also please know there is no heat in the house. Dress accordingly. It's going to be a wet, cold day. Be prepared.

Lastly, the house is so packed we have had a hard time displaying everything and pricing everything.  So many items are not priced so please be patient with us as we try to give you prices.       

  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Sofa
  • Tools
  • Vintage Clothes 
  • Vintage Linen
  • Glassware
  • Linen
  • Books
  • Garage Goodies
  • Wood Boat
  • Kitchen Goodies
  • And More!

stuff ya need to know

PLEASE READ....Please NO  EMAILS OR PHONE CALLS about prices, condition, sizes, measurements etc.  WE DO NOT HAVE PRICES MEMORIZED. There is no way for me to be able to  answer all the specific questions about items. I also do not know sizes  of shoes, clothes, bedding, pans, pots, etc memorized. Please don't ask.  We DO NOT do presales!  DO NOT ASK! Thank you for understanding.    

where's the address?

The address will be posted the day before the sale! 

Prices and presales

Please note prices are not determined until the day before the sale.   We do not do presales or previews.  Please NO phone calls or emails regarding measurements or prices.   We honor street numbers.  

Street Numbers

We honor street numbers.