August 14


Clinton Twp

23153 N. Remick

Off Gratiot, North of 16 Mile Rd. 

Wednesday 10:00am  - 3:00pm


Cleanout Picker Sale

If you don't think you will find the admission fee worth of items, I'd recommend you not attend the sale.

  • Enter at your own risk
  • Admission is per person – as long as they are going into the house or garage
    • Since we discount throughout our sales we thought it would be appropriate to do so here too.
    • $25 per person admission from       10am- 11:59am
    • $20 per person admission from       Noon - 12:59pm
    • $15 per person admission from       1pm - 1:59pm
    • $10  per person admission       from 2:00pm - 3:00pm and after, if there is still stuff left
  • If the person is standing outside and is a pile watcher, no charge, they will NOT be allowed to go into the house to help  move items.
  • All helpers of moving items will be charged $20
  • For heavier items such as appliances a helper is needed and will need to pay the admission fee.
  • IES staff will NOT help move items
  • NO Frequent shopper cards will be honored or stamped –  meaning you cannot use FSC as admission
  • NO refunds if you don’t find anything or don’t find your admission fee worth of items
  • Take what you want from the house and garage, as much as you want
  • Take the items that day
  • Bring your own:
    • Boxes Bags Loading help
    • Pile saver (sold stickers will be available)
    • Own helpers to move items (admission fee required)
  • NO fighting over items or piles, any disagreements will result is all parties involved to be evicted with no refund of admission fee and they will get nothing from the house or garage
  • NO arguing with other customers or IES staff
  • You must be parked legally – if asked to move you vehicle, you must do so immediately
  • One person cannot say they want the entire house and garage contents, we have to be fair to all
  • There is no walking through first, then paying
  • Lastly, no whining!

Let's make this a fun time, reusing, recycling and keeping items out of a landfill.

stuff ya need to know

PLEASE READ....Please NO  EMAILS OR PHONE CALLS about prices, condition, sizes, measurements etc.  WE DO NOT HAVE PRICES MEMORIZED. There is no way for me to be able to  answer all the specific questions about items. I also do not know sizes  of shoes, clothes, bedding, pans, pots, etc memorized. Please don't ask.  We DO NOT do presales!  DO NOT ASK! Thank you for understanding.    

where's the address?

The address will be posted the day before the sale! 

Prices and presales

Please note prices are not determined until the day before the sale.   We do not do presales or previews.  Please NO phone calls or emails regarding measurements or prices.   We honor street numbers.  

Street Numbers

We honor street numbers.